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Hello, I'm
Albane ████████
Nationality : French
Age : 19
Education : Bachelor in Marketing
School : EM Lyon
Status : Student
Phone : ████████████
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About me

I'm Albane Chomette, I recently turned 19 and a I'm BBA student at EM Lyon Business School. But not only! I grew up in a family which has an unconditional love for travel. In addition of my genetics my parents also gave me this passion. Today my travel journal is, as my point of view, well field in, with more than 20 different countries and up to 3 visits for some. For me it brings a multicultural open-mindedness to my French culture. However, traveling isn’t the only thing which build me. I’ve practiced a lot of sports from gymnastics to football, through these sports I acquired a lot of values. I’ve also managed to focus on one, so I could reach a good level. It’s through horse riding that I decided to develop my spirit of competition.
Sports and travel are the main points that helped me to grew up in the dynamic, motivated and humoristic young lady I am. This is the aim of my personality, and I think the most important thing to know about someone. I could have presented myself more deeply, but it would have been to long, so my professional and educational accomplishment are detailed on my CV and I’m keeping a lot of (good) surprises for the ones who are willing to get to know me.


Campaign Management


Horse Riding
Water Sport


French :
English :
Spanish :
German :

Work experiences

May 2018 - July 2018
COLLAERT SA (France) Manufacturer of leather goods :
Organization of an exceptional Sale of leathers for professionals
Search of contacts and prospects identification
Creation of a workable clients and contacts file for the Sale
Selection of inventory items for the Sale
Product repository and price list elaboration
Invitation and reception of customer
December 2017 - January 2019
EMBLEMATIC Student Office of the EMLyon High School (France) :
Constitution of a Team, conception and realization of the campaign for the elections of the Student Office Representatives
Post elections making of posters and publications
Management of the Student Office accounts on social medias
Realization of a Projects Team and organization of events
September 2017 - December 2017
COPRIME SA (France) Project Management Consulting :
My contribution in the realization of a Customer satisfaction survey for COPRIME
Development of the questionnaire
Collection, processing, analysis and reuse of data
Restitution and presentation of the study in front of the Management of the Company

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