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Building partnerships is key for any business. Our goal is to connect and to grow together with our partners.

Place your students in different fields
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Erasmus +

Universities and Business Schools


Organisations and Companies

Erasmus +

If you are an educational provider part of Erasmus + we can definitively help you! With our tailored programs, we can place your students in different fields all over the world. We will assure they will be supported with accommodation, language courses and advice throughout their placement.

Universities and Business Schools

We know the value of building strong links with universities and business schools. We can promote our offers on your career center, participate on your graduate fairs and help your students to find the right opportunity for their career.


Your words travel the word! We will be happy to share stories, advices, tips and anything that can be helpful for our community.

Organisations and Companies

As a company, you can have a great impact in a young person's live. By sharing your vision, you will help them to develop their skills and guide them to the right career path. We offer a tailored support as we understand that you have specific needs that require to be fulfilled.

Our values

Our mission is to connect students who are eager to learn with companies who need an extra hand with their projects. We offer a tailored support as we understand that both students and companies have specific needs that require to be fulfilled.


We love what we do and it is with passion that we deliver the best service to our students and companies.


We want to make sure that both students and employers have the best experience from each other. Internshipmapper will be with you along the way for advice, support or just to check in on how things are going !


We like challenges and we are proud to put the needs of our students and companies first.

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