Development of a coating for ozone and VOC conversion

For 5 to 7 months
Muret - France
Start ASAP
£400 to £600 per month

Offer description

1 /. Context:
This internship is part of a research program with various partners in the aeronautics sector, including an equipment manufacturer and university research laboratories. The objective of this program is to improve cabin air quality for both staff and passengers. Mecaprotec is working on the development of an innovative coating to achieve a catalytic coating that will ensure both the conversion of ozone and the elimination of organo-volatile compounds. This deposit will be implemented on aircraft equipment dedicated to air treatment. The objective of the internship is to optimize the process developed at the laboratory scale to comply with both the requirements of the specifications but also the industrial constraints.
Some key words: sol-gel matrix production, catalytic phase impregnation, dip-coating and spin-coating ...

2 / Tasks entrusted:
- Technology intelligence :
Process: Means of application ...
Formulation: choice of precursors, wetting agents, additives ...
- Realization and follow-up of the experiments, characterizations, analyzes and interpretation of the results
- Definition of test programs in collaboration with the referent engineer in accordance with the work program
- Results reporting: power point presentation for internal meeting animation, reports

3 / Work program:
- Pilot scale:
Definition of the operating parameters: Influence of the type of deposit, the mode of application, the nature of the precursors, influence of the concentration, influence of the composition, the thickness of the initial deposit
Study of the conditions of implementation (immersion time, pH, heat treatment ...)
Transfer on specimens of representative geometry and for delivery to the partner laboratory and catalytic characterizations

- Semi-industrial transfer:
Adaptation of the implementation parameters to an industrial cycle
Evaluation of scale transfer and aging of solutions in industrial conditions (monitoring, study method of analysis and additions)
Procurement of products in industrial quality and assessment of the influence of product quality on coating performance
Transfer and optimization of the process on parts scale 1
Implementation of the optimized process for the treatment of scale demonstrators 1

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French :
English :
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