Data Scientist/Researcher

For 4 to 12 months
Data scientist
Hlavní město Praha - Czech Republic
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Offer description

The goal of the V4 CARE ARSEC project is to gather available data on international flows of V4 countries, Germany and Austria, create a robust database, identify trends and correlate these trends with each other and with significant developments in these countries. This should create a solid foundation for future more theory-informed work such as creating stock-flow consistent models and their confrontation with available data. The ultimate goal of this endeavour is to develop an approach useful for real-world policy-making and business decisions since the models should inform the policy-makers and entrepreneurs of the likely results of their actions

-Position can be remote (From the Central European region) however we prefer on-site researchers (Czech Republic)
-Masters or PhD level, we will accept Bachelor level if the candidate is exceptional
-Academic or work experience in data mining, data source identification and data analysis.
-We are looking for someone who will dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week for this research.

Skills & Tasks
-Administrative help
-Data mining
-Data source identification
-Data Analysis

The following skills will be recommended:
- OLAP understanding
- data warehouse design and implementation (e.g., Microsoft Analysis Services, Azure SQL data warehouse cloud)
- ETL skills ([###########])
- API querying skills (calls, parsing JSON)
- SQL knowledge (SQL-T, ANSI SQL)
- basic Linux knowledge
- Bash scripting
- R or Python skills
- import process debugging skills

Please send us your CV and motivation letter demonstrating your interest in the subjects described and experience in researching, data mining, source identification, analysis, etc.
After an initial evaluation, we will give the candidate a topic area (such as energy) and ask them to identify data sources and describe the weaknesses and strengths of the sources they have identified.
The third stage of evaluation is an online video interview.

This position is for a minimum of 3 months, however we prefer long-term candidates (6-12 months) who can also stay for the duration of the Next 100 Symposium: [###########] (12 - 14 of November + follow-up)

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