Renovations Planner/ Maintenance Assistant

For 3 to 9 months
Lisboa - Portugal
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Situated in Lisbon, our humble team consists of people from all around the world who would like to change society for the better, while sharing the love for surfing. Supporting different perceptions, open-mindset and love for preservation of nature can bring amazing results for humanity and that is why Surfgasm - Lisbon Surf School & Guesthouse Experience was born.
For the past 8 years, we built a network of student residences and guest-houses in Lisbon. This year we are starting a surfcamp in Costa Caparica. That is why we are looking to complete our team with a Renovations Planner/ Maintenance Assistant.
You will be working with a team where proactivity and positivity are the norms. Your ideas will be always welcomed and you will be able to execute them.

Requirements, we are asking for…
• B2 level of English
• Base in architectural and/ or house design
• Abilities/experience in maintenance services
• Capability of technical problem solving
• Organizational and swift approach
• Team player
• Enthusiastic and results driven personality
• Active and diligent attitude
Main skills, we are searching for…
• Communication:
• Leading of the renovation team
• To establish a good communication with the rest of the team and guests and report what was done daily on Slack (which is our chat platform)

• Supervision:
• Carrying about guesthouses and their facilities
• Planning reconstruction projects
• Taking care of process of repairing from beginning till end (buying supplies, scheduling timetable of repairs, supervising finishing of project)
• Advising with renovations

• Mechanical skills:
• To work with a variety of tools and machines. These might include ladders, electronic levels, and rotary tools, such as power saws
• Assisting maintaining services during their work
• Being “right-hand” of the maintenance services

• Math Skills:
• To measure materials to be cut and installed. They also require math skills to plan a project.
• Detail Oriented:
• To measure distances and the size of items exactly when installing household items.
• Critical Thinking Skills:
• To think critically for solving these issues. With strong critical thinking skills, the renovation planner must use logic to not only solve problems, but even to foresee them before they occur, and avoid them.
• Physical Strength:
• To lift and wield heavy tools and materials, including lumber (which can often be quite heavy)

Advantage is, if you have…
• Previous practical skills in maintenance or house design
• Knowledge of Portuguese language
• Driving license

Evaluation, you will achieve…
• Achieving experiences with house-maintaining in different culture
• Having an opportunity to lead your own project from beginning to the end.
• Learn how to plan on professional level
• Increase your level of professional English
• Gaining new working skills through supportive and friendly environment
• Opportunity to attend surf classes and tours provided by the company


Small and Medium Businesses / Tourism / 10 - 50 employees
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