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Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House is more than a common guest house hosting guests and providing some tours. Our agenda is to boost a sustainable development, to empower the local community and bring all to self-awakening of environmental issues.

Here you can have lots of opportunities feeling a real cultural exchange, touching the local community, meeting other travelers with the same motivations and incarnating any creative idea you have.

The guest house is a historically restored building so close the desert. Varzaneh is a hidden gem in the middle of the desert, a traditional Persian village with a lot of sightseeing to do.

We provide diverse tours covering the most of the attractions around. From a caravansary in the middle of nowhere to chilly times of different activities in the sand dunes. We cover the effects of climate change in some of the tours.

Volunteers from any part of the world, with any background, are welcomed here. You can give us a hand with social media, promotions, guiding tours, finding new ways for entrepreneurship for the local community.

As a volunteer here you can: gain skills in organizing tours, knowledge of Iran's history, the culture, contemporary issues, and the local community, discover Islamic medicine by Mohammad, as an expert in herbal medicine, enjoy the authentic home-stay and the homemade food the house provides and visit the sand dunes, the salt lake, ancient temples, the wetland and magical town of Varzaneh.

Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House

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