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Convertize turns psychology into digital solutions, helping marketers to get more sales from their websites. Founded in 2011, we began by conducting acquisition campaigns for B2C and B2B websites. In order to generate more leads for our clients, we used a combination of analytics, psychology and A/B Testing. Realising that most A/B Testing software was too complex for non-experts, we decided to create our own. In 2015, we made our software available for any marketing team or agency to buy. At the same time, we started work on an app designed to help websites achieve commercial goals by engaging users with subtle messages. Nudgify displays notifications that create an emotional response and highlight information that is usually invisible. In 2018, we relocated to Hammersmith, London. This new location provides a perfect working environment for our multi-national and professionally diverse team.

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We help organisations around the world to create positive and persuasive customer experiences.

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