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How to Get the Best Out of Your Internship ?

Published 3 years ago by Grace - Category : Career Advice

You have beaten the rest of the competition – which I’m sure was a battle! – and now you have landed the internship of your dreams. You have organised your flights and accommodation and have begun stocking up on all the essentials you will need for your time away. As you get organised you begin to reflect on your internship and dream of the amazing possibilities that it could lead to! This is equally exciting and daunting. ‘But what if I screw it up?’, I hear you ask yourself in despair – don’t worry, you are not the first intern to feel this way and you definitely will not be the last! Here are some tips and advice as you get ready to embark on your big adventure:


Be open minded

Especially if your internship is overseas or in a different culture to your own. You are going to encounter differences that sometimes may seem like a gigantic barrier stopping you from making the most out of your experience. Maybe you don’t speak the language, or you are of a different religion, or are not used to certain customs or practices – do not let these types of differences hinder you. They may seem important now, but once you are able to accept that they are just differences and that they don’t need to negatively effect your time, your internship will suddenly become much more interesting. And as an added bonus, you will be sure to learn a thing or two about your newfound new culture!


Take constructive criticism

You’re there to learn, after all! The best people to learn and grow from professionally are those already working within the industry. While you are surrounded by different people within your chosen field, why not learn all that you can from them? Sometimes criticism can be hard to accept, especially when we have worked really hard on a project – but understand that constructive criticism is never personal and it is necessary for us to grow and succeed in our chosen fields.


Take on extra tasks at work

Even if they may not always be exactly within your job description. Internships often lead to employed work and if you put your best foot forward in your internship, you may just be offered the job of your dreams! Employers like team players and employees who are proactive and take initiative. If you are able to demonstrate your value as an employee and show versatility and a wide-range of skills, your employer is never going to want to let you go!

Say yes to all work social engagements

Building professional relationships and networking is an important skill, so why not practice these skills while on your internship as well? Walking into a room full of highly respected colleagues can be daunting, so if you start networking while you are interning, by the time you are employed in the field you will already have a room full of contacts! And, so what, you might miss out on some beauty sleep by having a few late work nights, but at least you now have work buddies to fill you in on all the latest company gossip!


Maintain a normal routine

Eat, work, exercise, sleep, repeat. It is important to maintain a healthy routine and look after yourself while you are working in your internship. We know it is a very stressful time and you will experience some bad days. Ensuring you eat properly, sleep well and get enough exercise is just as important as all the other points we have mentioned in this article! Not only will you remain alert and be your best while you are working, but a healthy routine is also important in combatting any depression, home-sickness, or stress you may face during your internship. Looking after ourselves is important and you will be a better employee because of it, we promise!

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