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English Vocabulary You Need For Your Job Interview

Published 5 years ago by Maud - Category : Career Advice

Job interviews are daunting – and especially so if English is not your first language!

The whole point of job interviews is for your employer to find someone with the right experience and the right personality for the role available. So it is important to be able to communicate these aspects of yourself well in an interview.


1 - First things to ask

Your personality will be the first thing to be judged from the moment you enter the room, so at this point small talk is important. Asking questions such as “how are you?” and “how has your day been?” breaks the ice and allows your employer to see your demeanour and personality. Remember to try and stay calm and relaxed – making eye contact is also important!


2 - And next...

Your employer will want to know about your experience and what you will bring to the company. Here it is important to highlight any skills and strengths you have – words and adjectives such as these are helpful to communicate your professional capabilities:

  • Reliable: “I am a reliable employee because I am never late to work”
  • Trustworthy: “I have been considered a trustworthy employee in the past”
  • Independent: “I am an independent worker who can follow direction”
  • Leader: “I am a natural leader who likes to take on extra responsibilities”
  • Management: “I have worked my way up into Management positions in all of my roles”
  • Successfully completed: “I have successfully completed multiple projects”
  • Team player: “I have worked successfully in multiple positions and consider myself a team player”


3 - More detailed

Your interviewer will also want to know specific details about your past employment, so it is important to be able to tell them the following information about each of your past projects and roles:

  1. How long you worked there – “I worked for Microsoft for 5 years”
  2. What your job was – “I was a Software Engineer in the Application Development department”
  3. What your daily responsibilities were – “I was responsible for ensuring all of the databases and daily updates were actioned correctly and efficiently”
  4. What projects/tasks/awards you received or completed in your position – “during my time in this role I successfully completed the design, development, and installation of a new application within our company’s software which is now sold to other engineering companies”

Be confident in your skills and experience, don’t be shy about your accomplishments and always thank your interviewer for their time at the end of your interview. Good luck!


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