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What do I need before starting my Internship abroad?

Published 5 years ago by Maud - Category : Career Advice

The decision to undertake an internship abroad is a big step! And it is just the first of many steps in a complicated process that you will need to fully complete before you can leave overseas for your internship.

Planning and organizing an internship abroad is a time consuming process – there is just so much you need to think about! So we have put together a list of the most important things you will need before you can begin your international internship.


List to think before looking for your internship abroad

Learning Agreement

A learning agreement is a document that outlines exactly what you will be doing in your internship. Depending on your industry, a learning agreement will outline the objectives, tasks, roles, and projects you will be involved in, as well as what you will be expected to learn and complete while you are in your internship. Ask your university on how to get a learning agreement.



You will need to have a passport regardless of where you will be travelling overseas. Most countries also have the requirement that your passport be valid for at least six months past the date you plan on leaving the country.

This means that if you plan on finishing and leaving your internship country on January 1st 2018, then your passport should be valid until at least July 1st 2018. This is to cover you in cases of medical emergencies, travel changes or any other reason that might make you stay in the country longer than you had expected.



Visas and passports go hand in hand – regardless of where you are travelling, always ensure you have the correct visa for your trip! In the case of an internship you might be eligible to travel under a tourist visa (if you are in an unpaid internship), you also might be eligible to travel under a student visa if you are still studying at college or university, or you might have to organize a working permit instead.

Always, always, always check your chosen country’s visa requirements. This is entirely your responsibility as a traveler and no one is going to correct you if you organize the wrong visa! Talk to your internship company, talk to the country’s immigration department and also talk with your own embassy to get all of the correct visa information.

>> Check here which visa for which country



Travel insurance is a must – regardless of how long you will be away for or where you are travelling to. Accidents and bad things happen even in the safest of places! Travel insurance protects you against things like medical emergencies (such as breaking your leg), theft, extreme weather events, flight cancellations, lost baggage, legal fees and many other awful situations which we do not ever dream of happening to us! Read our articles on why it's important to have travel insurance while abroad.

You are all set to start browsing international offers all over the world! 


These are some of the essentials you will need before you can leave and begin your internship abroad. It may seem like a lot to organise, but trust us, your internship overseas will be worth every minute you spend planning!


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