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How to write a great professional email?

Published 5 years ago by Maud - Category : Career Advice

Yes, you are looking for an international internship or working abroad and you need to be in contact with you next employer. 

So much of our professional communication is carried out through email – sometimes it is the only direct point of contact available – especially if you are applying for international positions.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of a potential employer when your only avenue of communication is email?

Do not underestimate the power of written word! Use the private space email provides to present a clean, direct and concise version of yourself to your employer.


The Approach of writting a professionnal email

Regardless of the role or company you are applying for, your introductory email should compel your employer to want to meet you in person, or even better, to offer you a job!

Use professional and concise language at all times: do not ramble. This is only an introductory email and not a complete rundown of your entire employment history – save that for the interview.

Ensure you tailor your email to the position or company you are applying for. Briefly list any skills, qualifications and experience you have that is relevant to the position and the company. An employer will not hire you if you do not have something they want and need.

You want your employer to like you, so use positive language, keep it short and simple and always thank them for their time at the end of your email – manners still go a long way in the business world.

Ensure you provide further contact details and attach a copy of your resume to the email in case they have any immediate questions.

The Two Golden Rules:

Make it easy for them to like you, and

Make it easy for them to get in contact with you.


The Follow Up

Regardless of whether you get an immediate response to your introductory email, it is always beneficial to send your employer a follow up email. Here are some examples of what a follow up email can contain depending on your employer’s response:

No response received: if you have not received a response after a week or two, send a follow up email asking for an update on their application process. Don’t be too pushy since application processes can take time and they may not have read yours yet. Once again, remember to thank them for their time at the end of your email.

Response received, but your application was unsuccessful: thank the employer for their time in considering your application. If you would like, you can also advise them that you would like to be considered for other positions within the company in the future. This demonstrates to the employer that you really, really want to work for them.

Response received, you got the interview: (firstly, congratulations!) your follow up email should thank your employer for giving you this amazing opportunity. Your employer will outline any further information they need from you and they will give you the details for your interview. Ensure you promptly answer all of your employer’s questions – it looks very bad for you if they have to ask you the same question twice.


Email is often underestimated as a point of contact in the business world, and yet, we use it every single day! Always keep your emails informative, short, sharp and sweet – this is the only way to stand out from the crowd and to ensure your application is successful.


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