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The benefits of using a work placement agency to find an international internship

Published 5 years ago by Maud - Category : Career Advice
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More and more students and professionals are choosing to use Work Placement Agencies as a way of finding new and exciting opportunities, both at home and abroad.

Locating and organising our own internship or job is fast becoming the traditional way of finding employment. Sometimes it is just not efficient enough to do everything ourselves – especially in such a competitive job market as today’s.


Benefits of using a Work Placement Agency to find your next international internship or job

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You receive ongoing support and assistance –

Right from the beginning, firstly, to finding and filling out all of the correct paperwork – not only for your job/internship, but also for any visas or documentation you may need as well. To then assisting you in any preparation for the position, to ensuring you are settled and comfortable when you start your role and also helping out with any future issues that may arise.


Networking –

Work Placement Agencies have a vast network of contacts and contracts with local companies and important international corporations. An agency will often have several large companies on their speed dial with whom they provide employees and interns on a regular basis – which is a win-win situation for you, the company and the Work Placement Agency!

A Work Placement Agency will be able to find opportunities for you that you may not be able to source by yourself – not because you lack the skills to, but because you probably don’t have access to the right people within the company or industry.


Extra knowledge –

A Work Placement Agency will be able to provide you with local, national and international information about your industry, companies, contacts, projects, resources – you name it!

They really are a great resource if you are new to an industry (because you’ve just completed your qualifications, or you’re moving to another city or country), or if you have any concerns or insecurities about your job choice or career industry. If the Agency can’t answer your questions or concerns directly, then you can be guaranteed they will be able to direct you to the perfect person to speak to.


Organisation –

This is what Work Placement Agencies are made and designed to do – to find people like you internships and jobs! A Work Placement Agency is like a well-oiled machine, they will automatically have everything organised and lodged for you on time such – which saves you a lot of stress and hassle!


You are guaranteed a placement –

Most Work Placement Agencies will guarantee to find you a job or internship – and most of the of the time they will actually find you several perfect roles for you to choose from!


Extra benefits –

There are also extra benefits involved when you use a Work Placement Agency – such as organised social and networking events. If you are traveling internationally for an internship or job placement, then you are unlikely to know anyone in your new location, so Agencies often know of cool local hangouts and help you with social events and entertainment.

There are many reasons to use a Work Placement Agency for your next internship or job opportunity. Not only are there Agencies located all over the world, but they also cater to nearly every industry.


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Regardless of who you are, where you come from or what your career path may be, a Work Placement Agency will be able to help find the perfect opportunity for you.


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