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How to find an accomodation in London?

Published 5 years ago by Maud - Category : Living abroad
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Going to study abroad in one of Europe’s biggest cities is the most exciting experience a student can have. Once you go out of your comfort zone and get use to the amazing city of London then it could be the start of a breathtaking journey and one step closer to your dream career. Make new friends & learn about their multi-cultural backgrounds, visit iconic landmarks, discover a range of fashion goodies, extraordinary food & drink, fun activities, unique vintage treasures and so much more just at the step of your door.

Location is just as important as your accommodation when studying in London. You’re not only here to live in your accommodation but to make memories sharing your London experience with your new friends and enjoy the true British style. However, searching for your ideal accommodation in the best location could be quite a hassle and very time consuming, especially when living far away in a completely different country. But luckily, there are alternatives in which you can view the accommodation without even booking a viewing.


Tips for finding the perfect accommodation online

Digital Visuals are a gift to all

Images, videos, digital brochures, leaflets and any other digital marketing materials are all available online on accommodation websites to help you find what is best suited for your needs. Some may even provide a Virtual Tour for more of a reality perspective to help you visualise your stay and have a real idea of what your room will look like. They can provide the information about what is unique about that particular place and the different facilities the residence provides. All your questions will be answered online.


Don’t be afraid to be picky:

Research thoroughly and know the facilities, services and what is including in the bill to get the best deal. Location is key to have an easy travel access to your university and central London. This is your stay so choose which is the best for you.


Ask all questions you may have:

It’s positive to double check the information that is provided. You can contact your lettings agent via skype call, e-mail, telephone call or even social media. It is important to stay in touch if you’re interested in an accommodation so that they can recommend the best deal for you.

Once you have moved into your ideal residence or flat share then it is up to you, however there may be difficulties a student may encounter during their stay. But that doesn’t affect your flexibility to have the best experience.


How to make your stay the best experience

Join the community

Don’t hesitate to join in weekly events and workshops that are held at student residences. This is the best way to meet new people and learn about their culture. You never know if you might meet your new best friend. If you are living in a flat share then don’t be afraid to say hi to your neighbour, go for a drink and learn about their journey and tips on what to do in London.


Build trust

It’s good to have a positive relationship with the staff. It’s important to treat each one another with kindness and respect. Asking about their day or giving them a compliment might brighten their day. It’s always good to also respect the facilities as they are provided for you to use.


Have the time of your life

Go out, discover and enjoy the City. You can have a look on blogs online or on social media to find out other student’s experiences. Make the most of your stay and plan thoroughly depending on your budget. London may be quite expensive so it is best to search for FREE things to do.



London Nest creates the foundations to transform people’s lives. They help students & young professionals who might otherwise struggle to find accommodation in London. Our aim is create a sustainable system that works for agents, schools, landlords, and investors that gives students accommodation that is accessible, affordable and when they need it.

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