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Tips for working in a startup company - Internshipmapper

Published 3 years ago by Maud - Category : Career Advice

If you are considering doing an internship within a startup company, here are some of our top tips for success !

Never before have we seen so many entrepreneurs and startup companies being established all over the world. On average, there are around 300 million individuals trying to create 150 million businesses per year – wow, what a lot of professional opportunities!

There are literally startup companies in every industry these days, and because they are very young companies, they will often offer incentives and benefits that other, larger (and more secure) companies will not :

  • Since they are small and you will already have gained knowledge of the role, a startup is likely to offer you a paid position at the end rather than locate and train someone else.
  • A startup will also be more flexible with working hours and job requirements – you will likely have exposure to the company’s inner workings that other interns at larger companies would not!


So here are our tips for making the most of your internship :


Be flexible

Be ready to be tasked with jobs that are not necessarily within your job description. Be ready to have to work outside of normal working hours.

This is because startup companies will often be very small. Without essential departments, every team member is required to complete additional tasks and jobs to get the work done – yes, even including you, the intern.


Be passionate –

There is no hiding when you work in a startup company so if you are not passionate about the industry, role, service or product the company creates, then you are likely to have a difficult internship!

You will likely be working within a small team and working closely with your boss or direct superior and they will be able to constantly monitor your progress and input. So ensure you select a company that you are actually passionate about and want to work for!


Be prepared

As a follow-on from the previous tip, if you are not prepared as well as passionate then you will likely encounter problems as well.

Like any job, you will be expected to understand the basics and fundamentals of your industry and your internship. You should always be on top of your daily tasks, and be aware any other important events or projects occurring within the company.



No matter your role or company, you should always try to cultivate open and honest relationships with your colleagues and superiors. But this could not be more true of working in startups!

Because you will likely be working within a small team, you will have to voice any concerns or misunderstandings you may have at any point. It is much harder to hide errors when you work in a small company and they can quickly turn into a mountain of mess! It is always easier to avoid a mistake than correct one.

We hope these tips help you get started in your startup company of choice! An internship in a startup can be extremely fascinating and exciting since you will be able to do something different every day!


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