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How to post jobs and student internships on our website for free?

Published 6 years ago by Grace - Category : Employer tips and services

You are looking for interns or graduates and you don't know where to start. Good news! we are able to help you. 

Your company has decided to join our leading internship team and now you need to know how to register on our website to ensure only the best interns apply for your available positions. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to register your company with us and what important information you will need to provide.


Register to our website -

The first step of this easy process appears on the homepage of our website. Here you will find an option to Post an Offer – select this option and then register your name, email, company name and phone number.

Once you have completed this process we will send you an email to your registered email address you just entered. This email will contain a link, Confirm My Email, which you will need to click and follow the prompts. This link will then redirect you back to our website and onto your company’s personalized profile page.


Your company dashboard -

Your personalized company profile page, also known as the Dashboard, is your main page to update and edit any information or offers you may have. Alongside the left of the screen under your company picture you will see the following options :

  • Dashboard: this will always redirect you back to your company’s personalized profile page.
  • Edit profile: update and edit any company information here.
  • Offers: before posting any offers, you will need to select which account package you would like to subscribe to. We have a variety of packages available depending on your needs! Once this is complete this is where you will be able to add or edit any job offers you have available for our interns to apply for.
  • Talents: here you can view all of your favorite talents or interns or those you feel would suit the role you have on offer.
  • Settings: allows you to modify your password and email information.
  • Log out: log out of your account.
  • View public profile: this allows you to see your profile as potential employees would see it. It is a good idea to always monitor and review this page to ensure your profile doesn’t contain too much information or portrays you in a manner which is not entirely correct or flattering.


Start creating your company profile - 

Now that we understand the Dashboard, we can begin the next step of completing your company profile. To do so, you will need to select the option Complete My Profile, which will be located at the top of Dashboard page. Once selected you will need to complete the following information about your company :

  • Company name
  • Type of business – options include start up’s right through to an international company
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Phone number
  • Office address
  • About the company
  • Values of the company – use this as a way to target your desired intern
  • Logo image
  • Office images
  • About image (optional)
  • Values image (optional)
  • Company presentation video (optional)
  • Social media links – also a great way for employees to see your company profiles and customer client base.


Post your first offer -

Now that your company profile is complete, you can now begin posting any offers you have! Be as descriptive as you possibly can – this will ensure that only the best and most suitable interns will apply for your position and it will also mean less time is spent on screening and interviewing potential interns. Remember, if you have any further enquiries don’t hesitate to contact our support team – we are always here for you. Happy interviewing!


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