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How to create your student profile on our website

Published 3 years ago by Grace - Category : Career Advice

We have so many great internship opportunities available through our website since we have sourced the best companies in Europe to ensure you have a nothing short of a valuable experience! To make the most of our opportunities, you will need to register and create a profile on our website. In this article we will take you through all of the necessary steps to ensure your profile is 100% complete so you will only be matched with your perfect internship or work placement !


By now you would have visited our website and it is on our homepage that you will find the Register Now option for new talents. You will need to select to register and then enter your name, nationality, email address and phone number. From here you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address provided and to access your new profile you will have to follow the link labelled Confirm My Email provided in this email to verify your identity.


Now that your registration is complete, you can begin the fun task of entering all of your professional details. You will notice on your personal profile area, also known as the Dashboard, that there is a list of options along the left hand side of the page – here is a breakdown of what they are and what they mean :

  1. Dashboard: will redirect you back to the personal page you are currently on. This page is not your public profile that employers can see, this is purely the space where you can edit and view applications and internship offers.

  2. Edit profile: will allow you to update your personal and professional details (which we will explain further below).

  3. Applications: allows you to view all of your latest applications and their status.

  4. Favorites: allows you to view all of your favourite offers that you have received from employers. This option allows you to prioritize your applications and highlight those that interest you the most, this will save you time searching through all of your submissions.

  5. Settings: allows you to modify your password and email information.

  6. Log out: log out of the website.

  7. View public profile: allows you to see your profile as an employer would see it. It is a good idea to always monitor and review this page to ensure your profile doesn’t contain too much information or portrays you in a manner which is not entirely correct or flattering.


You can also see how complete your profile is and whether you have missed any important information by the Profile Completion panel underneath your profile picture on the dashboard. It is important that you complete your profile 100% so employers know all that there is to need to know about you.


Now that you understand the Dashboard page it is time to complete your profile. Begin by clicking on Complete Your Profile at the top of the screen. Here you will be asked to do the following :

  • Enter your birth date

  • Upload a profile picture and video resume for employers to watch.

  • Write an “About Me” – remember to keep this informative but concise, you do not want your employer to have to scroll through too much information.

  • Your education history.

  • Your search preferences – potential employers will be able to read this information to see where you would like to study, under what circumstances you wish to be employed (i.e. internship, graduate position, student job, summer job or in a volunteering capacity). You can also select your preferred country, what dates you would like to travel and what your preferred professional industry is.

  • Enter your past work experience.

  • Any other languages you may know, even if it is only at a basic level. Many international companies are seeking multi-lingual graduates so include any you may know.

  • Select your skills – and do not miss anything out! The more versatile you are the more likely you will be hired.

  • Enter your personal and professional interests.

  • And then remember to save your details before exiting.


You can also see how complete your profile is by the percentage under your profile picture. It is best to have this at 100% to ensure you have not missed any information.

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