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2 months ago
Career Advice

English Vocabulary You Need For Your Job Interview

Job interviews are daunting – and especially so if English is not your first language! The whole point of job interviews is for your employer to find someone...
4 months ago
Career Advice

What do I need before starting my Internship abroad?

The decision to undertake an internship abroad is a big step! And it is just the first of many steps in a complicated process that you will need to fully c...
5 months ago
Career Advice

How to negotiate a paid internship abroad

If you have landed yourself a paid internship, you have found the holy grail of internships! The international job market is very competitive and rarely wi...
6 months ago
Career Advice

How to write an internship CV that stands out to employers

Every year, thousands of students try to get their foot on the formidable career ladder by taking internships. But the rate of internship participation is risin...
7 months ago
Career Advice

How to find an international internship?

There are so many benefits to interning overseas – we are now living in an international community and more and more international companies are created every d...
8 months ago
Career Advice

Which questions to ask during an interview by Internshipmapper

So much of the preparation we do before a job interview is focused on what questions we will be asked – we learn names, dates and company histories – but what a...
8 months ago
Career Advice

How to write a great professional email?

Yes, you are looking for an international internship or working abroad and you need to be in contact with you next employer.  So much of our professiona...
8 months ago
Career Advice
Shutterstock_366209015 (1)

The benefits of using a work placement agency to find an international internship

More and more students and professionals are choosing to use Work Placement Agencies as a way of finding new and exciting opportunities, both at home and abroad...
9 months ago
Living abroad

Where to live in London ? Best Boroughs

Where should you live in London during your international internship or your job? It’s not an easy question to answer - London is huge!   Facts and f...
9 months ago
Living abroad
Palace_of_westminster_from_the_dome_on_methodist_central_hall-1 (1)

How to find an accomodation in London?

Going to study abroad in one of Europe’s biggest cities is the most exciting experience a student can have. Once you go out of your comfort zone and get use to...
9 months ago
Career Advice

How to get an internship in London ?

You have decided that London is the right city for your international internship placement or for a new job – the next step now is to find the right role and co...

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