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5 days ago
Career Advice

How to get a job or an internship in London ?

You have decided that London is the right city for your international internship placement or for a new job – the next step now is to find the right role and co...
2 weeks ago
Living abroad

Why It’s Important To Have Travel Insurance While Abroad

One of the absolute essentials when travelling overseas is insurance. Regardless of how much time you will be spending away – whether it is weeks, months or yea...
1 month ago
Employer tips and services

Looking to hire a student or a graduate? 4 Tips on how to Manage them

Hiring a student or a graduate can be a highly valuable experience for both you, your company and your intern. Internships and graduate scheme...
1 month ago
Célia 3

Testimonial: "Going to London for 6 months was the best experience of my life"

Today, we will meet 23-year-old, Célia. After completing her baccalaureate in France, she chose to travel abroad to work in London for six months. She spen...
1 month ago
Living abroad

Going to Berlin ? Read our guide

Berlin is such an amazing city, full of vibrant and wonderful people, attractions and a rich culture. Berlin is a great choice for an international internship,...
1 month ago
Employer tips and services

How to hire the right Intern or graduate for your company

Hiring an intern or a graduate...   Can be a wonderful experience, not only for yourself and your intern, but also for your staff and your company’s...
2 months ago
Living abroad

Working In The UK As A Native French Speaker by SpeakPlus

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more frequent to see professionals travelling abroad with the aim of gaining international experience. At the heart of a...
2 months ago
Living abroad

How to make friends on an Internship

One of the most daunting parts of interning overseas is that everyone you meet will be the perfect stranger. Perhaps you are lucky and you have a family member...
2 months ago
Inspiring Stories

Zara empire from Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega Gaona was born on the 12th of March 1936 in Busdongo de Arbás, Leon in Spain, where he also spent his childhood growing up as the youngest of fou...
2 months ago
Career Advice

Tips for working in a startup company

If you are considering doing an internship within a startup company, here are some of our top tips for success ! Never before have we seen so many entreprene...
2 months ago
Living abroad

How to combat shyness when you’re abroad

Even the most extroverted of us will have moments of shyness or social anxiety when working abroad.   Not only are you living in a completely new co...

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