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- Internshipmapper will be sadly closing their doors after helping students to find internships all over the world for the past 7 years. Our site will no longer be available after the 1st of July 2023

What people says about us

Sofiya S.
Grace à Internshipmapper j'ai trouvé un stage en Angleterre en seulement quelques jours. Il y a beaucoup d'offres dans de nombreux domaine, et les entreprises sont très réactives. je recommande vivement ce site si vous cherchez un stage à l'étranger. Je remercie Maud pour son aide et ses conseils!
Sofiya S. - Etudiante - Frankreich
Arnaud P.
I was looking for a summer internship in the field of engineering. I am currently in third year and I wanted to deepen my knowledge, as well as my level of English. After doing extensive research, I applied in different areas of engineering. I wanted this internship to be a real benefit and can thus value my CV.
I registered with the organisation Internshipmapper, where I was surprised at the speed of response, the contact was immediate. In addition, I greatly appreciated the fact of having a telephone contact with Mr Belkhachine. After a question-and-answer phase and an interview in English, I made the decision to embark on the adventure. Mr Belkhachine offered me an offer very quickly, after having examined it and giving my agreement, I was directly put in touch with the company with a Skype interview.
I enjoyed internshipmapper, speed of action, as well as relevant proposals and advice. The contact is very easy, thank you!
Arnaud P. - Student - Frankreich
Wesley Hubert G.
After more than three months of research on different internship referencing sites, I had no positive response. It was only by chance that I came across the website Internshipmapper. And so, very quickly, I found an internship in London. This internship will allow me to improve my English skills. I am very grateful for the work of Maud and her team. Thank you very much.
Wesley Hubert G. - Student - Frankreich
Jean-Baptiste B.
I found my internship thanks to internshipmapper. I applied for an offer and it was very easy.

I was quickly contacted by Maud from Internshipmapper. We planed a Skype call to know more about my motivation regarding this offer in French then in English.

It was my first time with a plateform like Internshipmapper . But it was succesfully passed it because I had found the internship thanks to them!
Jean-Baptiste B. - Student - Frankreich
Ha Linh V.
Maud was always there for me - from the beginning until the end! She was strongly committed to find an internship for me. Now with internshipmapper I can fullfill my dream: to live and work in London! Maud made this in only 2 weeks.

Thank you very much! I can really recommend internshipmapper to anyone who wants to get work experience abroad.
Ha Linh V. - Student - Deutschland
Agathe M.
My experience with Internshipmapper will remain unforgettable. I registered on many websites that offer internships abroad, but I didn’t see any results! After several weeks and many hours of research, I didn’t find one and it stressed me. I didn't know if I was going to get out of it. Finally, one of my friend advised me to use Internshipmapper, because she found her internship on this platform. I signed up right away.

A few hours later, I received a message from Maud, who offered to help me. She was always listening to me, always available and answered very quickly. I really enjoyed our exchanges, our relationship : I often gave her news of my research. In 3 weeks I was contacted by a company in Bristol, for which I had applied on Internshipmapper. A few days later, I received a positive answer from the company, I was really happy and excited!

Thank you very much to Internshipmapper, and especially Maud who accompanied me! It was my first experience but it won't be the last! I will remember that with Internshipmapper the research was very quick!
Agathe M. - Student - Frankreich
Tobi L.
Securing an internship within a preferred company can often be a difficult task. Initially it was quite hard for me to gain attention from businesses due to me not having access to the right companies in London and in Paris, offering internships within my field of study. I especially wanted to work abroad in Paris due to the fast growth in business start-ups and too also build on my French due to me being a French National. Internshipmapper helped me bridge the gap between myself and those potential employers.

Maud who is a member of the Internship Mapper team gave me the access I really needed, with providing me amazing support and advice, offering key tips on how to better my employment chances with – Helping fix up my Cover Letter and CV, providing me with key tips/practice for interviews and lastly putting me forward to companies who were looking for individuals with skills like mine. From this I was able to secure an Internship in Paris, within my field of study and was to begin in the New year of 2018. Without the help from the Internship Mapper team, I would have found the process rather difficult and may not have come across such a fantastic opportunity. This will bless me with key experience and knowledge to help better my future career within Business Management and Marketing.

I would really recommend their services to those in search of a credible internship, especially if you wish to work abroad and you seek real opportunities to help you gain access to experience that you may not really find anywhere else. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Maud and the Internship Mapper team as I wish them the best in the New year.
Tobi L. - Student - Vereinigtes Königreich
Andreea G.
After several weeks of job seeking on different platforms and with different recruitment agencies, a nice and easy conversation with Maud from Internshipmapper got me exactly where I wanted. In 2 days after my first discussion with Internshipmapper, I got an interview and the job I wanted. They are a great team that know how to be friendly and supporting in your quest for a job or an internship. Thank you again !
Andreea G. - Graduate - Rumänien
Ihab M.
I was desperate for an internship and the people at Internshipmapper really helped me out. They provided me with advice on how I can quickly get an internship and they secure a placement in Barcelona.
Ihab M. - Students - Niederlande
Bertalan E.
First, I was tryting to find an internship on common websites, but noone worked. Companies came back to me with the answer no – those who came back to me at all. However, it took less then 2 weeks with Internshipmapper to find me a good place. I spent 7 months at ****. I enjoyed working there, it was a good experience. I can recommend Internshipmapper to everyone. Thank you guys very much.
Bertalan E. - Student - Bulgarien
Alessandro V.
It was not easy to find a placement. Internshipmapper was easy, quick, and efficient.
Alessandro V. - Student - Italien
Vincent G.
Un équipe de qualité, efficace et très professionnelle. Internshipmapper m'a rapidement trouvé un stage en accord avec ma recherche, et ce sans aucun frais. Une mission sérieuse avec une entreprise qui s'intéresse vraiment à la personne recrutée, ce qui n'est pas le cas de toutes les agences, qui font souvent plus dans le quantitatif que le qualitatif, et à des prix exorbitants.

Un grand merci, donc, à toute l'équipe pour son aide précieuse. Recommendable à 100% !
Vincent G. - Student - Frankreich
Ola G.
Thanks to Internshipmapper I found the internship of my dream within less than 2weeks! The recruitment process was very simple, Maud and her team were always there for me to answer to all my questions or update me on the possibilities. They listened carefully what I really wanted and put me in touch with the companies that I might have been interested in. And all of that was for free! Now, thanks to them, I’m having the time of my life in London :)
Ola G. - Student - Polen
Laura B.
Après plusieurs mois de recherches infructueuses, j'ai fait appel à Maud et son équipe pour trouver un stage à Londres. Grâce au programme et au suivi de InternshipMapper, j'ai obtenu un stage de qualité et ce très rapidement. Ce stage m'a alors permis de bénéficier d'un apprentissage de qualité, me permettant de renforcer mes connaissances et mon niveau d'anglais. Un grand merci.
Laura B. - Student - Frankreich

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