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Where Should I do my Internship ? The Best Internship Cities in the World

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The Best Internship Cities in the World


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It has come to the point in your career development that you are now considering an internship. Maybe you have just finished high school and are unsure of what industry you want to study in, or maybe you are nearing the end of your University degree and need practical experience, or maybe you have decided it’s time to switch career paths and try something new. Whatever your reasons, an internship is an exciting and potentially life-changing experience!

The first step in organising your internship is to ask yourself what industry and role you would like to work in. Try to think outside of the box and brainstorm less obvious options – for example, a law graduate might, not only intern in a law firm, but also in a court room, a government department or a non-profit organisation! We often have more choices available to us than we first expect, so it is a good idea to take the time to consider all of your options before moving to the next step.

The next big question is where to intern – and there is a lot to consider in this process. Firstly, your chosen industry is going to be the biggest factor in determining which city you intern in. There is no point in interning in a city that doesn’t offer the right opportunities or roles that you are looking for. Researching the biggest companies in your chosen field and seeing where their offices are located is a great start in deciding which city to choose.

It might be the case that your chosen field is quite diverse and you have many cities available to you. In that case your budget is likely to be the main factor in determining what city you choose for your internship. Obviously, the larger your budget, the more options you will have available – but this doesn’t mean that just because you have a smaller budget that you won’t have the same opportunities available to you. You need to be realistic about your lifestyle and your expectations – you will need to buy food the whole time you are interning, after all!

Here are the most popular cities in the world for internships and some of the factors you will need to consider when choosing them as your internship destination:



London is a great choice for an internship! Because it is such a large city and one of the world’s financial and business hubs, you will likely find a placement here that suits all of your needs. Some of the top companies in the world have headquarters in London, so if you’re dreaming big, then this is the city for you.

London can be an expensive city to live in, however. The British Pound can be an expensive currency to exchange with depending on the currency you’re selling. And in combination with the fact that most of the central burrows are the nicest but also the most expensive to live in – suddenly London might not be the great choice as it first appeared.

This is where your budget is an important factor in your decision – if you can only afford to live in the outskirts of the city, you might need to travel a long way to work every day. Long travel time means less social and relaxation time and it also might mean extra ticket and transport costs.

The weather in London is seasonal but relatively cold most of the time, so you will need to come prepared for this also. People are very smartly dressed in London so if you’re working in a corporate industry you’re going to need to be well dressed and appear polished at all times. It is always best to be over dressed than under dressed in London.

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New York

Ahh... New York, New York – it is certainly one of, if not, the top choice of cities for internships! And why wouldn’t it be? It has everything on offer, no matter the industry you work in. Plus, there is always so much happening in this city and there are so many wonderful career opportunities. It is often somewhere people only intend on visiting but end up living!

You will face similar issues as London if you are going to intern in New York. It is an enormous city and you will most likely never live anywhere near your office, so be prepared to always commute long distances to and from your office. Everyone who lives in New York has long commutes, it’s the price you pay for living in this city!

As well as long commutes and having to use a lot of public transport, the city is also notoriously expensive to rent an apartment in. A lot of your budget will be spent on accommodation costs – so be prepared to have savings to support yourself regardless of how long your internship will be for.

The weather in New York varies a lot! In summer the temperature can often hit above 40°C and the winters can be well below -0°C with snow storms and gale force winds. You have been warned – New York is exciting and the weather is sometimes a big part of the fun!



Paris is a much more relaxed and easy-going city in comparison to London and New York, so if it a slower pace you’re looking for, then Paris might be the right choice for you. Whilst it is not a central hub for every industry like London and New York, you will still find many options available to you regardless of your industry.

Paris is still a large city and it will still take some time to commute to and from work. The central burrows are, again, the most expensive and luxurious out of all of the choices in the city. However, you will not have to live as far from the central areas of Paris to live in an affordable area, as you would in New York.

Parisian’s are serious about their work-life balance, so you will not ever have to work 50+ hour working weeks as you probably would in New York or London. So this means a lot more relaxation and social time for you! Parisian’s still get as much work done as their rivals in the other cities, however – so don’t be fooled, you will still have to work very hard in your internship!

The weather in Paris is also a little less harsh than New York, it is very similar to London and the UK and it will always be on the cooler side. Layers are ideal for Paris as some days might be warmer or sunnier than others, so being able to mix and match clothing this way is an effective choice.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling Asian metropolis with a population of over 7 million people! It is considered the most densely populated city in the world so if Hong Kong is your internship city of choice, then you best get used to sharing your space with everyone! With the highest concentration of billionaires in the world and with some of the world’s largest international company headquarters located in the city, you are sure to find the internship of your dreams here, no matter your chosen industry.

First things first, it is an enormous city. So just like London and New York, expect to have to commute to and from work. The one advantage to Hong Kong over the other larger cities is that they have an amazing metro system and very reliable and cheap public transport – they do have to ensure 7 million people can get to work on time every day! You will likely have to live some distance from your workplace, but with Hong Kong’s metro infrastructure, you will not face the same transport issues you might in other cities.

Hong Kong is an expensive city. It has been a main business and financial hub within China and Asia for a long time, so this popularity has driven the costs of living up a lot. Accommodation will almost always be apartment living – only the extremely wealthy own land and houses in Hong Kong. But since it is such a popular destination for professionals of all kinds, you will be able to find shared apartment accommodation with other young like-minded professionals at a fairly reasonable price.

Hong Kong has a warmer, tropical climate in comparison to London and Paris. In summer the temperature is around 25-30°C with slight humidity and in winter the temperature is a mild 16°C with the occasional shower. So Hong Kong is suited for those of you who may not enjoy freezing temperatures or highly fluctuating weather like New York.

The main thing to be aware of in Hong Kong is the air pollution – it is awful. It has become such a hazard recently that many people are now getting sick and developing illnesses as a direct result of the pollution. So if you plan on interning for a longer period of time, say 6-12 months, this might be a factor you have to consider when considering this as your internship city of choice.


When organising an internship, there is so much to consider and choosing the right city for you is very important. Whilst you may want to live in an exciting city such as New York, there is no point if it does not have the internship opportunities you are looking for. An internship can be a great career step and will often lead directly to paid work, so be sure to choose the right company and the right city that meets all of your needs. But the most important thing to remember during this chapter of your life – is to have fun!


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