Social Media Intern

Für 3 bis 7 Monate
Msida - Malta
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At the moment we are looking for interns who have experience within social media marketing and grafic design.

Please find below the tasks and responsibilities for interns.
 Social Media Audit
o Introduction to the client
o List of Competitors
o Creation of Social Media Audit Template and Competitors analysis template
o Social Media Auditing (Client Profiles and Competitors) - filling excel templates
 Assisting the Social Media Manager with creating and implementing campaigns
o Brainstorm for Ideas
 Visual Content
 Creation of Titles, Description and Visual Content
o Market Research
 Targets for Audiences
 Content Calendar
o Assisting with Content Calendar creation
 Creation of Visual Content, Description and Titles
 This includes Research for Photos and Shareable content
 Creation of Engaging articles for client's blogs
 Scheduling content and using social media tools
 Monitor Analytics
o Review Social Media Analytics
o Compare Social Media Platforms and Content Published
o Come up with comments and recommendation for the future
o Report your findings and recommendations to your superior

Tricycle Ltd.

Small and Medium Businesses / Media / Press / 1 - 10 employees
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